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So You Want

to Run with the Big Dogs!

The Arizona Rising Suns Track and Field Club, 

an official youth USA Track and Field Club, has served youth athletes throughout the valley for over 20 years.  The Arizona Rising Suns are lead by head coach/founder, Sabestine Onyepunuka, former Nigerian sprinter.  

Talented by Birth, Excellent By Choice, Destined For Victory

Our Mission


To produce the highest quality athletes through effective leadership, discipline and motivation.  We also strive to provide a supportive environment that encourages teamwork, winning attitudes and determination to succeed.  

Our Goal


Since the onslaught of computers, cellphones, and video games, our youth has become less active. Getting involved in a team sport not only builds up the body, it builds long-lasting friendships and character. Our goal is to teach every athlete about responsibility and dedication required to be a successful athlete and human being.

Our Motto


Talented by Birth, Excellent By Choice, Destined For Victory


We'd love to hear from you

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